Gili Trawangan Port

Gili Trawangan is the most well-known and popular tourist destination in Lombok Island. It is also the largest among the other two islands and furthest from the mainland but easily reached in less then two hours from the east part of Bali (Padang Bai Harbor), approximately 2 hours from the south part of Bali (Serangan, Sanur, Benoa Harbor) and only ten minutes from Lombok by speedboat. The island itself is around 3km long and 2km wide, so walking is easy and you can cycle around the island in around 1 1/2 hours. Accommodation on Gili T ranges from basic home-stays to luxury hotels and villas. The busiest area called “Sentral”, near the jetty where the boats dock. There are many restaurants offer both local and western food. There is a lively bar scene at the night and the island has a rotating schedule, where different bars have licenses to host a party on one night of the week. On the island you can find ATM’s, Tourist Information, Money Changer, Clinics, Spa, Art shops, Dive shops, Yoga, Party Boat, and many more. Your vacation will be more complete and meaningful if filled with various activities such as; snorkeling, diving, swimming, joining the party boat in the afternoon, horseback riding around the island, etc. Since motor vehicles are not allowed on the island,  there is only one type of transportation allowed, local people call it “Cidomo”. The name Cidomo is derived from the Sasak word cika or cikar (a traditional handcart), dokar(Balinese for pony cart) and mobil for the wheels used to move it. The carriage usually contain up to three or four people, depending on the number of luggage or the size of the carriage itself.  You can also rent a bike but each owners offer different rates, you must be good at bargaining. 
Gili Trawangan has a port that can be used as a transit point for fast boats and small vessels which come to visit the island. From Trawangan you can visit other islands like Gili Air and Gili Meno by using traditional boats or speedboats. If you take a traditional boat, just buy a ticket direct to local boat office . You can get the boat to Bangsal anytime, it cost IDR 15K/pax/ow but the schedule to Gili Air and Gili Meno only two times a day, at 09.30am and 04.00pm and it cost IDR. 40k/pax/ow. If you prefer to take speedboat, you can get the ticket at the old Jetty, it’s located right in front of Night Market. It cost around 85K-100K/pax/ow and available every hour. But If you decided to charter a speedboat, you can find some at the old jetty or should you need any assist, please feel free contact us. We are pleased to serve you. For your information, all fast boats dock at same harbor where the traditional boats depart and arrive. Sometimes your legs will step on the wet white sands before boarding the ships or when you get off.
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