Gili Air

Gili Air is the most easterly island and the closest to the mainland of Lombok than the other two islands. To reach this island you can take traditional boat or private speedboat from Lombok, Gili Trawangan or Gili Meno. For the visitors who come from outside the island of Lombok generally use fast boats that depart from several ports in Bali. For the time being all fast boats landed on the beach until the harbor completed renovated.As is the case on all the Gilis, there are no cars or motorbikes allowed on the island, thus there is no pollution to spoil the clean air and the peaceful atmosphere. There is only one type of transportation allowed, local people call it “Cidomo”. The name Cidomo is derived from the Sasak word cika or cikar (a traditional handcart), dokar (Balinese for pony cart) and mobil for the wheels used to move it. The carriage usually contain up to three or four people, depending on the number of luggage or the size of the carriage itself.On the island you can find ATM, Tourist Information, Money Changer, Clinics, Spa, and other tourism facilities. Telephone and internet facilities are also available. Accommodation on Gili Air ranges from simple back packer bungalows to luxurious air condition rooms with hot water and swimming pools. There is a good variety of restaurants and cafe on the island, offering everything both traditional and western dishes. Not much different from the other two islands, here you can also do various activities to fill your vacation, such as; walking or cycling around the island, sun bathing, swimming, snorkeling, diving, kite surfing, glass bottom boat trip, as well as yoga, and many more.  The water surrounding the island is translucent aquamarine, made even more pure by the sparkling white sand beneath.  The calm water and good visibility make Gili Air an ideal place to learn to dive or to upgrade diving skills.
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